Pentru a evalua „sentimentele” industriei in aceasta perioada si pentru a incerca sa prevedem ce poate aduce viitorul pentru publicitatea online, membrii nostri de la Neticle au derulat o analiza a mediului online si au urmarit mentiunile privind publicitatea online si companiile din Romania, in aceasta perioada. Redam articolul integral , mai jos.

Now that almost one third of the world is in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, much of our life and work has been moved to the online realm. Many businesses are still struggling, and it is unclear how long the unexpected situation is going to last and when we can resume our normal way of living.

Due to the ambiguity of the circumstances, it is an interesting question whether a scene like this is beneficial or detrimental to online advertising businesses. To investigate, Neticle collected expressions connected to online marketing, such as online PR, e-commerce, Google Ads, PPC, SEO, website design and a few more. They also collected mentions of some of the largest companies in the digital marketing and media industry in Romania (Arbomedia, Data Revolt, Interactive, GroupM Romania, Initiative Media, InternetCorp, Media Bit Software, Mediacom Romania, Mediaedgecia Romania, Meraki Solutions, Mindshare Media, Pan Concept, Publicis, Ringier Romania, Thinkdigital Romania, Tradeads Interactive, Zenith Media).

Neticle then dug down into the mentions collected from the last 30 days to uncover the emotions, opinions and relevant topics that users talked about in articles, comments or social media.

The following graph shows the most important topics from the mentions of the large companies – the mentions here include the posts and comments on their Facebook pages. Just one look is enough to see that conversation here, too, revolved around the coronavirus, with topics such as money, hospitals and staying at home.

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Unfortunately, the Web Opinion Index reflects these topics as well: in the overall marketing industry, the cumulated index dove deep in the past month. It is not the case though around the marketing specific terms: there was a slow positive rise instead.

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The Web Opinion Index (WOI, Web Opinion Index) is a universal indicator which summarizes the online opinions into one dynamically changing index.

The following topic map also tells us that conversation around money and hospitals wasn’t as frequent and negative as talk about the virus itself. A very positive term, respect, also appears on the graph, which shows how many people have expressed their gratitude towards professionals working in the medical field.

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The Topic map’s Y-axis shows the summarized opinion index regarding the topic, and the X-axis shows the related mention number.

The emotion map of the whole industry, however, isn’t too positive: in the over 30 thousand mentions that Neticle analysed, many were wishing for a better future, and there is a lot of fear and sadness. One of the most important aspects of the emotion map here is faith though, so that gives us reason to hope that soon everyone will adapt to the new situation.

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Emotion Map of the marketing industry

The following mention graph further supports the results of the emotion map: we can see that people mostly expressed their desire and hope connected to staying at home, which is seen as the single most important solution now everywhere.

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The Mention Graph illustrates key topics and attributes of a specific keyword. Numbers inside of the circles demonstrate the number of mentions. The green and red circles show the most common positive and negative expressions connected to a topic.

There are places where it’s still business as usual

If we single out the data with the technical terms mentioned in the beginning, we get a much more positive lookout: conversation here mostly revolved around business tools, offers and services as usual. It appears that professionals aren’t afraid of the failure of these, they rather try to work their way around the current situation as much as they can.

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Most important topics in the marketing tools’ mentions

Here are the positive and negative expressions connected to the aforementioned topics:

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The most engaging posts around the marketing tools are also very revealing. The top two posts are from Instagram by a user called Dintr-o Carte, who shares inspiring quotes with followers to lighten the mood. The next three are by BiziLive TV‘s Facebook page, who took the opportunity to make educative material for their followers in this difficult time and got a lot of views and shares throughout the country.

Overall, we can conclude that the world of digital advertising is also affected by the pandemic, especially because the news about the situation blocks out campaigns and all other information on the internet. However, professionals are already figuring out what to do and how to use their tools to their advantage, so probably this industry is not going to be one of the really badly affected.